Wake Up Democrats: Powerful Right Wing Groups Are Funding Attack To Rig Every Election

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As immoderate Democrats resistance their feet connected voting rights, powerfulness big-money blimpish groups are backing the demolition of democracy.

Video of Jane Mayer connected MSNBC’s Morning Joe:

Jane Mayer says connected Morning Joe that big-money blimpish groups are "laying the foundation, galore radical told me, for perchance a batch of distrust astir the 2022 elections and the 2024 elections." 

The endgame isn't winning an predetermination but rigging each election. pic.twitter.com/mKvlPHg0nz

— Sarah Reese Jones (@PoliticusSarah) August 3, 2021

Mayer said:

The audit itself which people deliberation of arsenic a clown show, as you said, is really not that comic erstwhile you look astatine it closely. Because what it’s trying to do is overturn a certified American presidential election. And the forces that are pushing that, and this is what I was looking at, see a fig of — a full array of precise prominent nationalist conservative groups. 

People that you don’t ordinarily think of arsenic progressive successful benignant of flaky conspiracy theories. So you person the Heritage Foundation successful there. You person the American Legislative Exchange Council, backed by large corporations. You person got the Bradley Foundation of Milwaukee, Wisconsin, which is 1 of the biggest conservative foundations, it has $850 million in its treasury to walk on these kinds of adventurous things. 

And what they are doing is funding radical who are spreading doubt astir the information of American elections. Why are they doing it? Because it works for them. I’m not definite however galore of them believe it. But what it’s done is, they’re exploiting this distrust of American elections successful bid to push done laws that crackdown on voting rights and support the people they don’t privation from the polls, basically. And they’re besides laying the foundation, galore radical told me, for perchance a batch of distrust astir the 2022 elections and the 2024 elections.

The close got a sensation of virtually unlimited power, not bound by immoderate respect for the constitution nether the past guy, and they privation more. ALEC and Heritage are bankrolling the warfare connected ideology arsenic a cynical play to support and support power.

They don’t attraction that ideology isn’t thing that tin beryllium tweaked to enactment for them but inactive sustain. Once they termination democracy, it is dead.

The extremity is thing little than the imperishable disenfranchisement of a bulk of American voters.

Senate Democrats Need To Wake Up

Senators similar Manchin and Sinema tin conifer for the filibuster, but if Republicans person their way, those Senators volition support the filibuster past suffer their seats successful rigged elections.

Senate Democrats request to aftermath up and hide the rules. Attach the voting rights provisions to a reconciliation bill. Put provisions into authorities backing bills. Get originative due to the fact that the forces backing this warfare connected state don’t play by immoderate rules. They aren’t going to stop, truthful Democrats can’t halt themselves from protecting democracy.

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