Pentagon, Disney Revive Mask Mandates Following CDC Change

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July 29, 2021 -- It has been 2 days since the CDC reversed itself and said radical who are afloat vaccinated against the coronavirus should deterioration masks again erstwhile indoors, and businesses and authorities entities are already pursuing suit.

On July 27, the bureau called for masks successful K-12 schoolhouse settings and successful areas of the U.S. experiencing “substantial and high” COVID-19 transmission, adjacent for those who are afloat vaccinated.

The caller guidance is simply a important displacement from the CDC’s announcement successful May that afloat vaccinated Americans could skip wearing a mask successful astir settings.

In effect to the caller guidance, the Department of Defense present requires anyone wrong its facilities to deterioration a mask, according to a Wednesday statement.

The announcement “applies to each work members, national personnel, contractors, and visitors erstwhile indoors astatine each properties owned by the section successful those areas, successful accordance with updated CDC guidelines," according to a connection from Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Jamal Brown.

Disney Parks Will Require Visitors to Mask Up

Disneyland and Walt Disney World volition reintroduce indoor mask mandates starting Friday.

All visitors 2 years of property and older volition beryllium required to deterioration masks, careless of vaccination status.

Guests indispensable deterioration masks “while indoors and successful Disney buses, monorail and Disney Skyliner, careless of vaccination status,” the company’s website says. “This includes upon entering and passim each attractions. Face coverings stay optional for each guests successful outdoor communal areas.”

The parks, based successful Anaheim, CA, and Orlando, FL, are some successful high-transmission areas.

Costume masks are not considered suitable protection, the website says.

Pastor Threatens to Turn Away Masked Parishioners

Tennessee pastor Greg Locke, who has a ample online following, called the highly infections Delta variant “nonsense” during a Sunday sermon and said radical wearing masks would beryllium turned distant from the Global Vision Bible Church successful Mount Juliet, TN.

Locke, who has antecedently called the pandemic “fake,” said, “they volition beryllium serving Frostys successful hellhole earlier we unopen this spot down.” A Frosty is simply a dessert sold astatine Wendy’s accelerated nutrient restaurants.

He continued, "They're talking astir shutting down this federation for circular two. Talking astir masking everybody backmost up, shutting down churches. My hind limb if they deliberation they gonna unopen this religion down," Locke said. "Knock connected my door, inquire maine if I got a vaccine? My hind leg. Don’t fto the doorway deed you wherever the bully Lord divided you."

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