Olympics LIVE: 'Exhausted' Titmus feeling strain

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Australia's caller swimming sensation Ariarne Titmus has finished 2nd successful her 800m freestyle vigor with a clip of 8:18.99s to suffice for the final.

The treble golden medallist besides claimed bronze successful the 4x200m freestyle relay contiguous and admitted a dense docket was starting to instrumentality a toll.

"I knew I wanted to beryllium nether the 8:20 people to beryllium safe," Titmus said.

"It's a large time today. I lone had 1 and a fractional hours successful my edifice room. I'm perfectly buggered. I volition aquatics down rapidly and get home.

"This is astir apt my toughest back-up and... a truly heavy field. I knew I had to beryllium pugnacious and aquatics a coagulated aquatics to get through...

"Honestly, I'm exhausted. I support reasoning backmost to Beijing, it was the aforesaid arsenic this morning's heats. (Michael) Phelps won 8 gold. I person done 2 and I'm wrecked. It puts into position for maine however astonishing helium was. I'm going to remainder up arsenic overmuch arsenic I tin and get acceptable for my past contention astatine the Olympics."

The Tasmanian agreed it was a alleviation to not person to aquatics successful large rival Katie Ledecky's vigor contiguous - but had been thriving connected the aggravated competition.

"Definitely. I emotion racing Katie but it is bully to beryllium connected my ain a small bit. It's been truly bully this week. We've been getting on truly well. We've truly enjoyed racing each other. I mean, we don't get to bash it often. It's truthful amusive for america to beryllium capable to race. So, I americium looking guardant to 2 days' time."

Ledecky won her vigor successful 8:15.67s portion Aussie Kiah Melverton besides qualified for the last connected Saturday greeting (AEST).

Tonight's swimming heats volition spot the Olympic debut of the 4x100m mixed medley relay, wherever teams are made up of 2 males and 2 females.

Australia is the reigning satellite champion successful that event, with the squad of Mitch Larkin, Matthew Wilson, Emma McKeon and Cate Campbell victorious astatine the 2019 satellite titles successful South Korea, edging retired the United States by 0.02 of a second.

Olympic golden medallist Giaan Rooney says this volition beryllium 1 of the astir fascinating events connected the schedule.

"Nobody rather knows what's going to hap with that event," she told Wide World of Sports.

"You could person a fig of pb changes successful a contention similar that. It's going to beryllium the astir tactical contention connected the programme for swimmers, due to the fact that of the mixed component, and depending connected wherever you aquatics your antheral athletes and your pistillate athletes.

"It is decidedly a golden medal accidental for Australia, truthful let's anticipation we get it right."

Rooney said plentifulness of thought volition spell into however each squad lines up.

"One happening to instrumentality into information is the wash, sometimes it tin beryllium similar swimming uphill if you're down immoderate of the guys, and that whitethorn beryllium tricky for immoderate of the little almighty women," she said.

"The small issues similar that volition person to beryllium thought about. You besides request to deliberation astir which swimmers similar to beryllium retired successful front, compared to those that don't caput chasing down the leader.

"You'll each person to taxable your teams astatine the aforesaid time, truthful it volition beryllium a conjecture arsenic to what different countries are doing successful presumption of the bid of their swimmers.

"I deliberation it's fabulous and it brings a caller level of excitement, due to the fact that of the chartless factor. I'm each for it. We've ne'er considered swimming to person a men's squad and a women's team, it's conscionable the Australian team. I cognize the athletes who are going to aquatics the mixed relay emotion the thought of really swimming arsenic a team, careless of gender."

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