New Xbox Series X Wireless Controller Revealed With Beautiful Aqua Shift Special Edition Design

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Xbox is nary alien to offering a wide assortment of controller options with unique colors and designs. That being said, the recently revealed Aqua Shift Special Edition Xbox wireless controller whitethorn conscionable beryllium the astir beauteous peripheral revealed for this gen to date.

It's shimmery, it's a calming blue, and it's coming retired soon with the newest Xbox wireless controller being added to the lineup. In summation to the Design Lab's instrumentality that allows Xbox fans to make their ain unsocial designs, this peculiar variation Aqua Shift plan is simply a chill bluish with notes of icier tones and creaseless purples. With a likewise colored palette of triggers, joysticks, and buttons, the full plan of the latest controller whitethorn conscionable beryllium beauteous capable to curb immoderate of that rage discontinue buildup. Maybe. 

According to the authoritative Xbox blog station revealing the newest controller, "Aqua displacement features a surreal, color-shifting bluish shimmer that you request to spot to believe. Playing with the mode the prismatic colour moves crossed our controller, you’ll consciousness similar Aqua Shift comes to beingness successful your hands. Inspired by the phantasy that gaming brings into our lives, we cognize this mystical quality volition adhd that magic your controller postulation needs."

Xbox besides adds that this is the archetypal peculiar variation Xbox Series X/S controller to diagnostic rubberized grips with a "unique dual-color swirl." For those interested, the newest wireless controller is disposable to pre-order close here for $69.99. This caller controller volition enactment connected some this procreation of Xbox systems and the Xbox One console, which is large arsenic proviso issues are inactive a salient vexation for those aiming to get a Series X/S. 

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