Kangaroos great fumes over relocation rumours

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North Melbourne large Corey McKernan has issued a stinging effect to the latest enactment of suggestions that the Kangaroos could beryllium the squad moved to Tasmania permanently.

Former Geelong president Colin Carter delivered a long-awaited study to the AFL connected Friday, indicating that Tasmania did merit a standalone team, and gave the league 3 options connected however to proceed.

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However, AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan stated that the champion enactment for Tasmania would beryllium the relocation of an existing Victorian team, prompting galore to judge helium was referring to North Melbourne.

McKernan, who played successful 2 premierships successful 1996 and 1999, says the Kangaroos are beardown capable to basal unsocial (Getty)

The insinuation that the Kangaroos could beryllium moved near McKernan, a two-time premiership subordinate with North, seething.

"You each privation wide accusation and I shouldn't accidental this: F--k disconnected and halt with the speech astir [North Melbourne] moving," McKernan tweeted successful effect to a study from Seven Network newsman Tom Browne.

"Debt eliminated/45k members/list going places. Suggest there's Melb teams with $15 mil indebtedness that are astatine the beforehand of that relocation talk."

AFL CEO Gillon McLachlan believes Tasmania's astir viable enactment is for an existing broadside to beryllium relocated (Getty)

McKernan wasn't the lone high-profile fig to spell successful to bat for the Kangaroos, with erstwhile Port Adelaide skipper Warren Tredrea besides chiming in.

"Why does Tasmania having a squad successful the [AFL] ever crook to [North Melbourne] being relocated?" Tredrea tweeted.

"Kangaroos are a arrogant portion of VFL/AFL history."

McLachlan's comments sparked a absorption from a fig of experts, including Richmond large and Tasmanian native, Matthew Richardson.

Tasmanian autochthonal Jack Riewoldt besides suggested that the authorities needed its ain standalone team, suggesting that a relocation would simply beryllium "tokenism" by the AFL.

"I consciousness similar that is conscionable tokenism if they bash that. It's not the mode guardant for Tassie footy," the triple premiership Tiger told SEN Hobart.

"I'm surely of the content that I don't deliberation a relocated squad would enactment and I don't deliberation a associated task (would work).

"Hawthorn and North Melbourne play 4 games astatine either extremity of the state. Whilst it's large to person AFL shot successful Tasmania, I deliberation the 19th licence is surely the 1 – and the main operator successful this has been premier Peter Gutwein.

"I deliberation helium sees this arsenic his bequest piece."

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