Investigation launched into Olympic sevens team

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A miserable Olympic Games run has got adjacent worse for Australia's men's rugby sevens team.

Rugby Australia has begun an interior probe aft the Australian Olympic Committee informed them of "incidents involving the Australian men's sevens program."

Japan Airlines reportedly wrote to the AOC to kick astir alcohol-fuelled atrocious behaviour connected the formation location from Tokyo.


"Rugby Australia expects the highest standards of each its employees, modelling the values of our crippled - respect, integrity, passionateness and teamwork," RA said successful a abbreviated statement.

The AOC aboriginal released its ain statement, saying it had been made alert of unacceptable behaviour by squad members connected a instrumentality formation to Sydney connected July 30.

The AOC convened a gathering with the main executives from sports that had representatives connected the formation and rugby and shot had advised AOC brag Matt Carroll "that they are taking afloat work for their players."

Australia's men's sevens squad aft losing their quarter-final against Fiji, (Getty)

"While determination has been nary ceremonial ailment from the airline, unacceptable behaviour was brought to our attraction and I straight raised the contented with our subordinate sports CEOs," Carroll said.

"It's highly disappointing but some rugby and shot person told maine that specified behaviour is surely not acceptable wrong their sports and person sincerely apologised to the Australian Olympic Team.

"The CEOs person undertaken to instrumentality the due enactment and study backmost to us."

Australia's men's sevens squad aft losing their quarter-final against Fiji. (Getty)

Australian cook de ngo Ian Chesterman had already confirmed the men's sevens and rowing teams near a spread successful the partition successful the athletes accommodation astatine the Olympic Village.

"There was a spread successful the wall, but that's beauteous casual to do," Chesterman said.

"I recognize there's immoderate large radical and immoderate precise flimsy walls, impermanent walls arsenic well. I don't deliberation you had to bash overmuch to enactment a spread successful the wall."

The Aussie men finished a disappointing seventh successful Tokyo aft winning conscionable 1 radical crippled and being unopen retired 19-0 by golden medallists Fiji successful the quarter-finals.

Lachie Anderson of Australia is tackled by Etene Nanai-Seturo of New Zealand. (Getty)

"We came to Tokyo with ambitions to execute astatine our precise champion arsenic individuals and arsenic a team," manager Tim Walsh said aft the tournament.

"We fell abbreviated contempt our implicit champion efforts. It has been a situation and a privilege to enactment with Rugby Australia to suffice and hole the squad for the Tokyo Olympics. 

"The growth, acquisition and overcoming of the obstacles we faced volition undoubtedly hole america amended for aboriginal events. I'd similar to convey the radical of Japan, the AOC and the IOC for allowing america to play successful what I fishy is immoderate of the astir challenging conditions the games person faced."

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