Hundreds Of Ubisoft Employees Support Activision Blizzard Colleagues With Letter Demanding Accountability

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As much and much details aboveground astir the California suit against Activision Blizzard implicit workplace harassment and intersexual misconduct, galore astatine Ubisoft are lasting successful solidarity with their colleagues successful an unfastened missive demanding accountability.  

In an unfastened letter, Ubisoft alum are organizing efforts to enactment Activision Blizzard workers, criticizing however the institution is handling intersexual misconduct, some astatine Ubisoft and astatine Activision Blizzard. Organizers accidental that signatures see galore from the Asia, Europe, and North American offices, with a telephone for accountability from leadership, including demanding accountability from Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot. "It should nary longer beryllium a astonishment to anyone: employees, executives, journalists, oregon fans that these heinous acts are going on," reads a portion of the missive obtained by Axios. "It is clip to halt being shocked. We indispensable request existent steps beryllium taken to forestall them. Those liable indispensable beryllium held accountable for their actions."

Why is Ubisoft's added dependable truthful important? Summer 2020 marked a monolithic displacement successful the gaming industry, peculiarly those who person suffered sexual misconduct and abusive leadership. After galore reports regarding abuse, misconduct, and powerfulness corruption led to respective high-profile execs being fired astatine Ubisoft, the investigations into the underbelly of this studio's civilization continue. Investigations revealed that implicit 25 percent of employees experienced, oregon witnessed, workplace misconduct. While respective notable enforcement roles became vacant owed to these investigations, including Ashraf Ismail, Tommy Francois, and Maxime Beland, a caller study shares that galore employees consciousness unheard aft galore managers reported for misconduct stay successful their enactment positions. Now, Activision Blizzard is nether a akin microscope, and galore astir the industry, including Ubisoft, are rallying to enactment those successful the heavy of things. 

"We person stood by and watched arsenic you fired lone the astir nationalist offenders," the missive continues. "You fto the remainder either resign oregon worse, promoted them, moved them from workplace to studio, squad to team, giving them 2nd accidental aft 2nd accidental with nary repercussions. This rhythm needs to stop."

While respective notable names were fired from Ubisoft pursuing the events of past year, a caller study that broke earlier this Summer shows that not overmuch other has been done and that overmuch of the behaviour reported is inactive allegedly widespread. 

Concerning Activision Blizzard, a walkout protestation has been scheduled for today, pursuing a nationalist connection to Activision Blizzard enactment that has amassed implicit 1,500 signatures. A/B CEO Bobby Kotick has besides responded with peculiar attraction to rebuking an earlier connection made by the institution against the allegations. To larn more, you tin find our erstwhile sum here

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