House Oversight Committee Releases Handwritten Evidence Of Trump Sedition

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The House Oversight Committee has released handwritten notes from the acting Attorney General detailing Trump’s instructions to overturn the election.

According to a merchandise from the House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. Carolyn Maloney arsenic provided to PoliticusUSA astir the handwritten notes that DOJ officials took astir their meetings with Trump:

  • The notes see the pursuing exchange, attributable to erstwhile President Trump (“P”) and Mr. Rosen, who was Deputy Attorney General (“DAG”) anterior to his assignment arsenic Acting Attorney General a fewer days earlier the call:
    • “- DAG … ‘understand that the DOJ can’t + won’t drawback its fingers + alteration the result of the election, doesn’t enactment that way.’” (p. 4)
    • “ – P:  ‘Don’t expect you to bash that,  conscionable accidental that the predetermination was corrupt + permission the remainder to maine and the R. Congressmen.’” (pp. 4-5).
  • The notes besides see the pursuing connection by erstwhile President Trump:
    • “‘We person an work to archer radical that this was an illegal, corrupt election.’”
    • “People archer maine Jeff Clark is great, I should enactment him in.  People privation maine to regenerate DOJ leadership.” (p. 6)

Trump Was Plotting To Use The Department Of Justice To Overturn The Election.

Trump was pressuring the DOJ to legitimize his bogus claims of a stolen predetermination with an investigation. After the DOJ wouldn’t overturn the predetermination for him,  Trump’s attraction turned to stopping the certification of the predetermination results connected January 6.

Trump was escalating successful his hopeless bid to enactment successful power, and that desperation is what led him to signifier and money the rally that helium utilized to incite the onslaught connected the Capitol.

As the notes reveal, Trump wasn’t acting alone. He had Republican co-conspirators successful Congress.

These notes uncover a seditious president who was prepared to bash thing to enactment successful power, and they show wherefore Donald Trump tin ne'er beryllium allowed adjacent the presidency again.

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