Have Master Chief Give You Directions With Halo Infinite Update For Navigation App 'Waze'

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With the caller Halo Infinite Flight test, the adjacent measurement of Master Chief's travel is connected a batch of our minds. To observe each of the Halo Infinite talk, the navigation app called Waze is offering a peculiar Halo-themed update for its service. Yes, that means you tin get directions from Master Chief himself. 

The Halo-themed update for Waze includes some Master Chief and the Banished War Chief Escharum arsenic dependable options. This is lone for a constricted clip truthful if you're looking to instrumentality that Halo emotion to a caller level, you're going to privation to bash truthful fast. 

In summation to Chief and Escharum's dependable commands, the quality to alteration your car's icon to a Spartan super-solider oregon alien warfare main is besides available, arsenic good arsenic antithetic illustration "moods" to either mainstay character. According to the authoritative blog post revealing the caller promotional package, "Join the UNSC and the legendary Master Chief to assistance humanity tackle each obstacle thrown astatine them — whether it’s an interstellar confederation oregon unreserved hr traffic. Spartan-117 has dismantled the Covenant, turned the tide against the Flood, and battled the Banished — with that benignant of acquisition successful your corner, the ngo of successfully making that meal day volition beryllium nary problem. Of course, having an all-terrain panic similar the Warthog doesn’t wounded either."

While this isn't the crossover we imagined happening, it's beauteous on-point. I don't cognize astir you, but I've been turned astir a clip oregon 2 successful the Warthog, truthful Master Chief's guidance is precise overmuch a "yes, please" for radical similar me. 

Regarding Halo Infinite itself, we don't person a acceptable merchandise day astatine this time, though it is expected to motorboat this vacation season. To larn much astir what's going connected successful the realm of Halo Infinite, cheque retired our dedicated crippled hub close here. We've got impressions, wrong looks, and truthful overmuch more. 

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