EY's new blockchain platform could solve a major tax headache

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TaxGrid uses a distributed ledger and zero-knowledge impervious to stock taxation accusation crossed taxation agencies, banks and investors successful adjacent real-time.

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EY's Tax Lab conscionable tested a solution to an planetary taxation occupation utilizing blockchain exertion and a zero-knowledge impervious attack to privateness and security. TaxGrid has the imaginable to regenerate a manual and paper-based taxation refund process that costs investors wealth and creates fraud headaches for taxation collectors. 

Tax Grid uses fungible and non-fungible tokens to way dividend income. This makes it easier for taxation agencies to use the due taxation complaint to transactions. 

"The shared ledger carries the accusation successful realtime arsenic to who owned the banal astatine the clip of sale, the benignant of entity, the state of determination and the due taxation rate," said John Robotham, main technologist astatine EY Tax Lab.  

TaxGrid uses tokens to way dividends paid connected a share. Robotham said the tokens correspond a "dividend entitlement," not a portion of cryptocurrency.

"We are doing the accounting, not moving cryptocurrency," helium said. 

EY utilized a permissioned Ethereum web crossed aggregate unreality providers including AWS, Azure and IBM Cloud to physique Tax Grid. EY hosted immoderate nodes connected behalf of immoderate partners portion different participants hosted their ain nodes. The aforesaid bundle ran crossed each nodes. 

Robotham said that a digital, automated method for processing refund claims volition trim the opportunities for fraud created by the existent insubstantial process.

"People are allegedly filing aggregate reclaims for the aforesaid lawsuit and it's astir intolerable to way today," helium said.

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The zero-knowledge impervious constituent of the strategy ensures that delicate information is backstage and verifiable, and was a important portion of the proof-of-concept project, according to Robotham.

"It's the archetypal clip that we cognize of that an exertion similar this involving aggregate authorities and fiscal institutions was built utilizing zero-knowledge proof," helium said.

Robotham said Tax Grid provides a implicit and elaborate representation of a transaction for taxation agencies portion protecting idiosyncratic capitalist privateness and confidentiality.

"Without the zero-knowledge proof, everyone would beryllium capable to spot each the accusation from the transaction," helium said. "With the zero-knowledge proof, everyone tin person the cryptographic assurance that immoderate transaction they were relying connected was done correctly."

Robotham said this archetypal trial proved the feasibility of the solution, which is an important archetypal step.

"Now it's clip to enactment with different ecosystem participants to enactment done the governance issues and further tech issues to standard this retired to accumulation scale," helium said.

In a report astir the project, EY identifies 2 cardinal questions for the adjacent signifier of the project:

  1. What ineligible changes are indispensable to usage distributed ledger exertion to negociate taxation withholding policies?
  2. What level of practice is needed betwixt authorities and manufacture to enactment this approach?

Robotham said the TaxGrid architecture could beryllium utilized to negociate different fiscal transactions, specified arsenic customs and planetary trade.

Built with a 100% distant team

Robotham said the task started 4 years agone erstwhile an EY person successful Hong Kong started gathering enactment for the thought among manufacture leaders, authorities officials and planetary concern companies. The method squad formed astir 2 and a fractional years ago.

Robotham said that the method enactment for the task started conscionable arsenic the pandemic deed successful aboriginal 2020.

"We did everything virtually," helium said. 

EY finalized the database of participants successful July 2020 and past the engineering squad acceptable up the blockchain network. Testing started successful November and successful aboriginal 2021 the EY squad started connected the study that recaps the accomplishments of the project, "What happens erstwhile government, manufacture and investors question communal integer ground?

Robotham said the task was a planetary effort with squad members successful Costa Rica, India, China, Europe, the US and the UK.

"EY has an extended web of blockchain bundle engineers astir the satellite and tapped into that expertise," helium said.

The method requirements of the task included:

  • Multiparty information sharing, speech and documentation
  • Smart contracts and tokenization of dividend events 
  • Automation via systems integration that allows parties to extract cardinal accusation from their systems to corroborate withholding taxation rates connected dividends
  • Data privateness for investors 
  • Audit and verification, for adjacent real-time validation of dividend events and withholding rates
  • Document speech betwixt parties successful adjacent real-time

Solving an costly problem

TaxGrid is simply a caller solution to the acquainted occupation of withholding taxation rates connected dividend income from planetary investments. When an capitalist successful 1 state profits from investments successful a institution based successful different country, the modular taxation complaint is 30%. The close complaint varies based connected aggregate factors. Pension funds wage little rates than individuals, though they typically wage the highest taxation complaint owed to the complexity of calculating withholding taxes.

Investment companies usage a manual, paper-based process to use for a taxation refund and the process tin instrumentality respective years, according to Robotham. 

The EU estimates that the measure for withholding taxation problems is astir 8.6 cardinal euros per year. Robotham said that the numbers breakdown similar this:

  • 6 cardinal euros successful taxation refunds
  • 1.6 cardinal euros spent to enactment the existent paper-based system
  • 1 cardinal euros successful further imaginable investment

 These organizations participated successful the project:

  • Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (HMRC)
  • Netherlands Tax Authorities
  • Norwegian Tax Administration
  • BNP Paribas Securities Services
  • Citibank
  • N.A. 
  • JP Morgan Securities Services
  • Northern Trust
  • Vienna University of Economics and Business 
  • Tax Administration Research Centre, University of Exeter
  • APG Asset Management N.V. 
  • PGGM Investment Management 

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