Dark Souls Just Celebrated Its Tenth Anniversary

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Yesterday, Dark Souls celebrated its tenth day arsenic portion of gaming history. Have you played Dark Souls yet? While Demon’s Souls paved the mode for the From Software enactment suite, Dark Souls was the rubric wherever the subgenre would go a captious portion of the gaming world.

There person been plentifulness of arguments implicit which Souls crippled is the champion implicit the years, with Dark Souls II possibly starring the divisive discourse, but astatine the extremity of the day, don’t each the games truly propulsion america guardant with challenges and victories? While not technically a Souls game, Bloodborne is inactive my favourite of the bunch. Favorite boss? Sister Friede.

What’s your favourite Souls crippled and why? Yes, you tin take Sekiro if you want, adjacent though it doesn’t truly enactment up nicely similar the remainder of the FromSoftware enactment RPGs. I mean, if you truly want, you tin adjacent speech astir wherever Souls came from, the King’s Field bid of role-playing games. Or spell each the mode backmost to Shadow Tower. Okay, not Shadow Tower; that crippled was reasonably unplayable adjacent erstwhile it came out, truthful we won’t speech astir that one.  And since it’s not out, you can’t prime Elden Ring. Yet.

Of course, present that Soulslikes are a thing, different companies person begun to dip their toes into these waters implicit the past decade. Notables see Nioh and Nioh 2, but determination are plentifulness of Soulslikes retired there, with plentifulness much connected the way. 

Check retired our somewhat caller rundown and ranking of the Souls games close here.

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