Clarkson to sit out 2022 after Hawthorn exit

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Alastair Clarkson says helium volition instrumentality a interruption from coaching adjacent twelvemonth aft confirming that helium volition beryllium leaving Hawthorn astatine the extremity of the season.

Flanked by the antheral who volition beryllium replacing him arsenic Hawthorn's elder coach, Sam Mitchell, the four-time premiership victor stated that he and the nine had travel unneurotic and reached a conclusion that "the nine needs immoderate caller air".

"There person been a batch of discussions and possibly the crushed wherefore this has each been a small spot messy successful presumption of not being capable to power it to the extracurricular footy satellite is we've had ongoing discussions for the champion of 3 oregon 4 weeks with Mitchell, our players, our board, our footy sub-committee, our families," helium said.

"We've travel to the realisation that this footy nine needed immoderate caller aerial from 2022 onwards.

"Our footy nine hasn't performed anyplace adjacent to the level we'd person liked for a heap of reasons and I'm a cardinal contributor to that of course. It's my presumption that the footy nine needs to escaped itself of my shadow."

Alastair Clarkson said helium wanted to 'take a breath' implicit the adjacent 12 months earlier deciding his aboriginal (Getty)

There has been wide speculation implicit whether Clarkson would instrumentality implicit astatine a rival nine successful 2022, but the 53-year-old stated his existent program was to "take a breather".

"Right astatine the contiguous time, my committedness is to person a spell and spot wherever 2023 volition instrumentality me," helium said.

"I privation to instrumentality a enactment and spot what the adjacent section has for me."

Clarkson admitted that since Hawthorn had initially announced the succession program betwixt helium and Mitchell, helium had approached elder players, including skipper Ben McEvoy, astir whether it was the close move.

"Each clip we had those discussions we each realised that the champion happening was to get [Mitchell] into the seat and get going," helium said.

"We didn't privation to beryllium a footy nine that treaded h2o for 12 months. We've got a batch of hard enactment to bash arsenic a nine to get ourselves backmost into a presumption wherever we tin execute again. That hard enactment present needs to beryllium steered by [Mitchell]."

Hawthorn skipper Ben McEvoy was 1 of a fig of elder players consulted implicit the succession program (Getty)

Clarkson stated helium believed the succession program would person proved hard to negociate successful 2022, adding that helium wanted to sphere the beardown narration helium presently has with Mitchell by stepping down a twelvemonth earlier.

"I'm of the steadfast content that there's lone 1 manager who tin steer the absorption of a footy nine and I felt similar I wasn't capable to power the situation good capable that'd mean it would marque it precise hard for Mitch and the footy nine successful 2022," helium said.

"I could lone spot that adjacent twelvemonth mightiness marque that much hard for Sam and I. We've had immoderate hard conversations implicit the past small portion conscionable trying to fig retired however we tin marque this work.

"What it each came backmost to was making definite that my narration with the Mitchell household and the Mitchell family's narration with the Clarkson household – that archetypal and foremost was the astir captious happening that we wanted to clasp retired of each of this."

Sam Mitchell says helium lone has his existent presumption due to the fact that of the beingness of Alastair Clarkson (Getty)

Mitchell paid tribute to his long-time coach, calling it a "really unusual day" and said helium hoped that Clarkson's contributions to the nine would beryllium honoured with a statue, arsenic legendary Hawks manager John Kennedy has astatine Waverley Park.

"I look implicit determination astatine the players and everyone's made the aforesaid level of oculus contact, with disappointment and sadness, particularly for this feline who's done truthful overmuch for me," helium said.

"I don't privation to get excessively soppy astir it but … my passionateness for coaching and the absorption my full beingness has gone is done the passionateness that he's helped maine grow.

"I'm everlastingly thankful for the presumption he's fixed maine and having his blessing. The presumption that I'm successful present I've got to accidental convey you to Clarko.

"I'm disappointed that we each extremity up present with a period to spell and I anticipation we person the accidental implicit the period to springiness Clarko what helium deserves."

Clarkson volition manager Hawthorn successful its last 4 matches of the season, starting with Sunday afternoon's Round 20 clash against the Brisbane Lions successful Tasmania.

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