Breaking News increases customer value within private Irish health insurance market

Irish insurance intermediary adds value to Ireland’s private health insurance marketplace through its online quotes service.

The condition of the Irish insurance market requires Irish policyholders to consistently ‘shop around, not only when seeking out a new policy but also annually, to ensure they are able to enjoy the full value of their premiums.

With over 350 health insurance plans offered by four health insurers, Irish customers have a huge number of options, presenting a complicated choice even for savvy buyers. empowers the Irish health insurance consumer by simplifying the buying process, and helping them find the best value policy for their needs.

Fast and Easy Health Insurance Quotes

With a quick application process, empowers Irish health insurance customers and simplifies the buying experience.

Irish people looking for a new policy need only spend 30 seconds filling in their details, and a quote to their inbox will quickly follow.

“Less than 50% of the Irish market buys private health insurance,” says “However, far more people could benefit from a private health insurance policy. Unfortunately, the Irish health insurance market can feel so overwhelming that many people who don’t enjoy cover through their employer simply don’t bother with health insurance.”

“ helps bridge the gap for consumers by not only simplifying the health insurance purchasing process but also making it more rewarding. Customers can walk away with a policy that best fits their needs and offers the most value to their lives without wasting hours sorting through policies.”

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