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Coronavirus in San Diego and California: Latest updates and news

SAN DIEGO — Key facts in San Diego:

There are 1,326 confirmed cases in San Diego County and 19 confirmed deaths. 
View San Diego County cases in a map by zip code or city. 
All San Diego County beaches are closed.

San Diego County is following California's stay at home order.
Many San Diego schools have moved to distance learning and students can still receive meals while schools are closed.
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Key facts in California:
The Better Business Bureau warned consumers San Diego News about the dangers of counterfeit masks and false advertisements after local health officials urged San Diegans to cover their faces when out in public.

“BBB is seeing an increase in price gouging and other COVID-related scams. Specifically, for masks, we’re seeing not just businesses, but individuals obtaining masks and then increasing the price for other consumers who may be seeking to secure these essential items,” said Skylar Crowley, with the Better Business Bureau Serving the Pacific Southwest.

Several News 8 viewers reported questionable online retailers popping up after local stores ran out of masks.

In other cases, the BBB is seeing an increase in reports of fraudulent sites attempting to steal personal information.
The trauma surrounding the coronavirus also known as COVID-19, continues to hit families in different ways every day. Ashley Kassis and her family are in a place nobody wants to be.

“At first it sounded like he had a bad cold, a deep cough, but he was worried,” she said about her father 78-year-old James Kassis, who recently tested positive for COVID-19.

With so many questions surrounding how to treat the virus, Ashley’s sister, Amber, took to social media a made a desperate plea on Instagram for a blood donor with type-O blood. The post quickly went viral.

In James’ case, the donor has to be someone who had COVID-19 and recovered. The antibodies are one way in which medical professionals are trying to treat the virus.

Ashley said the San Diego Blood Bank has seemed open to help, but they too are dealing with new protocols.

News 8 contacted them and they confirmed they are seeking Press Release Distribution Services In San Diego donors who have recovered from the virus but only those who have had a positive test result - not people who think they may have had it. 

There is a list of requirements for people who qualify to donate for COVID patients.

County of San Diego officials provided their daily update on COVID-19 in San Diego saying cases were up 117 from Saturday making for a total of 1,326 confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the county. 

San Diego County Public Health Officer Dr. Wilma Wooten announced one additional death in the county saying the patient was a woman in her late 90s. The county has now suffered 19 deaths. 

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